Is it safe to use?

I am in the process of organizing an independent security audit of HeimdaLLM. Until this audit is complete, I do not recommend using HeimdaLLM against any production system without a careful risk assessment. These audits are self-funded, so please consider sponsoring me if you will get value from the confidence that they will bring.


If you are a business, please show your interest by inquiring about a commercial license. This will help me prioritize the audit.

What databases are supported?

  • Sqlite

  • MySQL

  • Postgres

There is rapid development for the other top relational SQL databases. To help us prioritize, please vote here on which database you would like to see supported:

Do HeimdaLLM use an LLM?

For static analysis, no it does not. It uses good old fashioned grammars and parsers. However, we do include a lightweight framework to build a complete natural-language-to-safe-SQL workflow. See this quickstart.

Do I need to purchase a commercial license?

No, HeimdaLLM is dual-licensed and has an open source license, the AGPLv3. However, if you use the open source license in your business, you must comply with the terms of the license, which can be legally restricting and complicate your business operations. Most businesses prefer to purchase a commercial license, which removes the restrictions, than to comply with the terms of the AGPLv3.

Please inquire about a commercial license here. The commercial license eliminates the above restrictions, providing flexibility and protection for your business operations. It also ensures that I can support HeimdaLLM indefinitely.

Why AGPLv3?

I chose the AGPLv3 license because I want to provide a license that is as permissive as possible to the OSS community while also strongly encouraging businesses to inquire about a commercial license to support development.

The AGPLv3 license has restrictions that make it challenging for businesses to use in production, but it is still a permissive license in that it allows you to use the software for free. The AGPLv3 license also ensures that if someone modifies the software and distributes it, they must also distribute the source code of the modified software. This is important to me because I want to ensure that the OSS community can benefit from any improvements that people make to the software.