💡 Roadmap

Below is a very high-level roadmap for HeimdaLLM.


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More SQL statement types

SELECT gets the biggest bang for the buck, but other SQL statements are also very useful and would benefit tremendously from a Bifrost. For example, INSERT:

traverse("Add a new calendar entry for Dinner at 7 on friday")

Could produce a validated SQL query:

INSERT INTO calendar (title, when, user_id)
VALUES ('Dinner at 7 on friday', '2023-07-01 19:00:00', 123)

Generalized constraint spec

The current implementation requires a Python application to use HeimdaLLM, because constraint validators are defined by subclassing a Python class. A future implementation could be language agnostic by providing an api and a JSON or YAML spec for constraining LLM output.

More LLM integrations

Currently we support OpenAI, but I intend to add support for all major LLM API services, and private LLMs, as they become more capable.

More databases

I will be adding support for more SQL-based databases:

  • SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • Snowflake


Want us to prioritize a specific database? Let us know by voting here.

More Bifrosts

Bifrosts are not limited to converting human input to trusted SQL statements. HeimdaLLM is generalized enough to support many kinds of structured output. I intend to develop more Bifrosts that facilitate natural language interactions with your application. Stay tuned!